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ADP Employee Service Center (ESC)

1-800-554-1802 or you can email them at esc@adp.com.
When is the ESC available?
ESC specialists are available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Eastern Time.
How can the ESC help me?
The ESC can help you with a wide range of HR and benefits related questions and issues. For example, ESC specialists can explain your benefits choices, help you determine the overall cost of different choices, and guide you through the necessary paperwork. The ESC can also help with a whole range of payroll issues, including direct deposits, check reprints, garnishments, explanation of deductions and more.  They can also help with adding or removing a dependant from insurance (birth or adoption of a baby, marriage, divorce, legal separation or spouse gaining or losing a job and health coverage).
How quickly can I expect the ESC to respond to my question or problem?
In most cases, ESC specialists are able to provide immediate answers or assistance. If not, they will get back to you within a short timeframe with a resolution.
I am having a problem with an insurance claim. What do I do?
The first step the employee should take is to call the ESC for assistance as the insurance carrier will tell them that they need to contact their employer assistance (the employer being ADPTotalsource or the ESC). The ESC will work with your benefits rep (Mike Wagner) to tackle any claim issues an employee may have.  If the employee is looking to dispute a claim, they will need to deal directly with United Healthcare and follow their appeal process. This is the one area we do not provide any assistance with for our clients and their employees.
I misplaced my W-2. What do I do?
Contact the ESC, who will issue a reprint of your original W-2.
I need to change my benefits status. What do I do?

If you get married, have a child or experience any other life status changes, the ESC specialists explain the options available to you while helping you comply with the paperwork requirements of the benefits plan.  Employees have only 60 days from the date of the event (birth, marriage, divorce, etc.) to make changes to their benefits. If the employee doesn’t call until the end of this window of time they make find themselves not being able to make the change. All events require “proof” of change (birth certificate, divorce decree, marriage certificate, etc.) and the proof needs to be submitted within the 60 day window.